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Sex Toy Parties
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Why Having Your Own Business Is Best

Don't be lured in by the Sex Toy Party Company that promises you a cheap vacation or a car while taking most of your profits. How do you think they can promise those big ticket items without making serious profits off of you? Wouldn't you rather have all that work be rewarded with financial success on your terms? Wouldn't you rather have that money plus more profits by buying wholesale direct?

Be your Own Boss & Make More Money

If you want to make money being a Sex Toy Party Consultant or to start your own Sex Toy Party Business, this is a must read article. In it we will review with you why it is actually easier to avoid working for a sex toy party company and have your own business. Read how you can avoid having to pay for expensive starter kits or buy large amounts of products with complicated rewards programs that give you gifts with little money.

Understanding the Basics

Most people do not know how sex toy party companies really work, so we are going to give you the scoop. First, the Sex Toy Party Company gets you to buy a starter kit that gives you some products to show off to your customers. Right away, they have greatly marked up these low quality products and made a nice profit off of you. They also leave you to present poorly made sex toys that most people will not be that excited about. This is not to mention that some may contain toxins. Whether you succeed or fail at selling them, they have already made money and you are left with little to show for it.

The best way for you to understand how this works is to review the way money flows throughout the process of selling sex toys as a Sex Toy Party Consultant. As you can see in the graph below in the first column on the left, there are a lot of middle men that take a piece of the profits and some take more than others.

For example, in most cases, the Party Company is making the most profit as they often sell the products at near retail prices to the Party Consultant. The first column is used most by smaller Home Party Companies. In the next column over you will see what larger Party Companies do. Then the column after that shows how an Independent Party Consultant can operate and the column on the right shows how a very successful Independent Sex Toy Party Consultant can function.

In cases of large Sex Toy Party Companies, who buy from the manufacturer, they often have a deal in place with them to change the original name of a product as well as the packaging, which is called private labeling. This is an important piece of information as it will help you understand why most consultants have no idea what they are really buying or how inflated the costs of the products they are buying.

For example, say you have a sex toy called the Rabbit Deluxe. It typically sells for a wholesale cost of $15 from the manufacturer or $30 through a distributor. It then sells retail for $60 - $80 all over the Internet. The Sex Toy Party Company can work a deal with the manufacturer to simply rename it the Beaded Rabbit and have it put in different packaging. In turn, they tell you that it retails for $139 and charge you $70 for it. You have just paid a retail price and your customer is paying double to triple a retail price. The Sex Toy Party Company will expect you to sell this to customers who can go online and get it cheaper than what you paid for it. They figure that if they change the name and packaging you will not realize they have done this.

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Choose What You Want To Sell

There are so many sex toys on the Internet today so the choices of what you want to sell will be limitless. Don't be bound to the small selection that a Sex Toy Party company offers. Allow yourself to give a variety of different themed parties and choose how you want to market them. For example, if you want to show off eco-friendly, nontoxic sex toys you could select rechargeable, glass, wood and even 100% medical grade silicone sex toys. Display them with glycerin and paraben free organic lubricants that will dazzle your customers.

We can help you pick out your inventory based on what is nontoxic or high selling or you can do it yourself. You get to make all the choices and the possibilities are endless as are your profits.

Be Educated & Empowered

Did you know that there are laws about selling sex toys in certain states? Did you know that by giving sexual health advice you could be accused of practicing medicine. You need to be educated about this business as there are a lot of mistakes you can make and the Sex Toy Party company is not going to help you if you get into trouble.

Do you know which distributors will treat you and your customers well? Did you know many of them can offer you discounts the more you order? Do you know how to negotiate with them for having them ship your promotional materials with your orders? Let us teach you everything you need to know to help you become successful. by HOLISTIC WISDOM, INC.

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