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About Sex Toy Consulting
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Sex Toy Consulting is the creation of Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D. who is the C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. and the founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS). She specializes in the field of health and sexuality; specifically businesses that sell adult novelties (sex toys - romantic products) and sexual health education.

Through our specialized adult industry consulting services we help both aspiring and established adult novelty business owners achieve success in developing a thriving sexual product business in one of the most difficult, competitive, yet lucrative industries. We don't waste time on general marketing information that you could get anywhere, rather, we provide our clients with a direct, no-nonsense approach, making sure to make the most of your time with specific focus on growing your adult business.

What is the Catch?
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As the founders of, providing you with personalized consultations assists us in advancing our adult novelty business school and helps us to offer comprehensive education and resources.

Of course it helps you to receive the best and most up to date information available in making your business vision a success because this information is not currently available anywhere else.



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Lisa Lawless
Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., CEO
Founder of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS)

About Our Founder

Our founder, Dr. Lawless. is the President of the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (, which is an educational organization for professionals in the field of sexuality. In addition, she is an accredited member of The American College of Sexologists International (ACS) and has held membership through The American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).

Lisa is a public speaker, producer, consultant and sexual rights activist. She is one of the sex toy industry's leading business owners and is one of the early sexual pioneers within the online adult and sexual health industry.

Lisa has been a long-time advocate of responsible business practices throughout her career. In addition, Lisa is a psychotherapist who has dedicated over 25 years to therapeutic practice in the mental health field with specialization in sexuality. Lisa is also the inventor of such products as the Sneaky Sack™ and author of the books on human sexuality.

Lisa has given many radio interviews including being featured on the Dr. Laura Berman Radio Show and Playboy XM Radio. Her work has been featured in a variety of magazines including Redbook, First for Women, Women's Health, Men's Health, Playboy, Playgirl, Home Party Review, UCLA News, AVN, XBIZ and others. See more about all the contributions in the field of sexuality that Lisa oversees including NAASAS through our most popular websites on

"I have so much gratitude to be able to say that I love what I do for a living. I work with so many amazing people who are looking to make a difference in people's lives through sexual wellness. From the manufacturers who keep dazzling consumers with incredible advancements in sexual health and pleasure to the professionals that work with me as they develop their own adult novelty business visions.

I now realize that one of the predictions a dear friend told me years ago has come true and that I have become a teacher of teachers. It is simply awe-inspiring to watch so many wonderful sexual health professionals bring their own gifts of positive messages such as self-acceptance and empowered intimacy along with reform within our industry for safer sexual products.

I am certainly humbled by so much creativity around me and moved by the incredible difference many of my fellow sex educators, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers make in the lives of people every day. It is an incredible field to be in and it is my honor to do what I can to advance it in every way that I am able."

- Lisa


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Lisa Lawless
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