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Adult Turnkey / White Label Sites
Understanding How Sex Toy Turnkey Websites Work
Avoiding Scams & Having Realistic Expectations

An adult turnkey site, also known as an adult white label site, is designed for selling sexual products such as sex toys, adult novelties, lingerie and romantic products through your own, customizable, online sex toy store. These sex toy turnkey sites are pre-made (template sites) and all you have to decide to start one is to determine what domain name you desire and if you would like to put a customized logo and color scheme into it to make it look like your very own adult novelty site.

Anyone who visits your site on the internet will see your online sex toy shop and think it is your own sexual product company while the adult novelty fulfillment center that manages the site does all the work of processing the orders, shipping out the sexual products and provides all the customer support.

These sex toy turnkey site companies are either an adult novelty distributor or use one or more distributors to fill your orders. In some cases they will have some of the sexual products shipped directly from name brand adult novelty manufacturers.

Typically when using these types of sex toy websites you will earn 20% - 30% commission on all the sales made. In some cases you can make 35 - 40% but that is less common and typically requires you to achieve success first allowing you room to negotiate. Once you start making sales you are typically sent a monthly or quarterly check for all the orders your site makes minus any negotiated fees and of course the wholesale product(s) and shipping costs.

There are a variety of companies that offer adult turnkey services, but be careful about which one you choose as some of them are not up front about their real fees, make promises that are not realistic and in some cases they may even be scam artists. Also, be aware that some companies post fake adult turnkey company reviews so it is important that you know the true reputation of a company by doing more than just superficial research.

When you do find a well-reviewed and reputable adult turnkey company (which we can help you find by recommending some reputable ones to you), the great part about these sites is that they are instantly created for you and they will allow you to offer thousands of sexual products while you customize the site to give it your own special branding and niche.

Are Adult Turnkey Sites A Good Option?

Adult White Label - Turnkey Sites


Marketing Adult Turnkey Sites-

Using traditional approaches to market an adult business is not effective. This, unfortunately, is what many newbies find out the hard way.

Not only is the adult novelty industry highly competitive and more difficult to market than other types of businesses; it depends upon a different psychological approach to encourage your customers to make a purchase and thus requires a very unique type of marketing to be successful.

Become Educated!

Become Empowered!

Become A Success!


Using an adult white label site is one of the most popular options for those just starting out and for those who want an online presence as there is no need for investing in inventory, website development, hosting and other expenses as well as avoiding the work that is required when doing your own website. However, if you want more control and increased organic traffic then you may wish to consider other options such as a DIY web builder, a template theme for open source or a CMS custom website built with framework. If this all sounds too technical for you, don't worry, we can explain what all of these options mean in simple terms through our tutorial or consultations when helping you decide the right option for your business vision.

We help get you started on the right track before you spend time and money on things that may not work for your business vision by educating you and giving you the pros and cons for each type of website with regard to time, expenses and advertising realities as well helping you to understand what it really takes for each type of website model to do order fulfillment.

What Are Features A Sex Toy Turnkey Site Offers?

Beyond the obvious features of a website store front (which allows you to earn commissions from sales) you will want to look for an adult white label site that provides these basic features-

  • Is reputable and provides excellent customer service to both you and your customers.

  • Provides a responsive mobile friendly design (meaning it is properly formatted and able to be viewed well on a website, tablet, mobile phone or other devices).

  • Offers a user friendly experience.

  • Provides a search feature that allows the consumer to find products easily.

  • Good policies that ensure a positive customer experience such as discreet billing and shipping, free replacements for defective products and customer service assistance. After all, it is your company reputation at stake.

  • Provides customization of page information such as title, meta tags, h1 tags, page content, and the ability to add navigation (links) to the site.

  • Is able to be integrated with an analytics program such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.


Can I Get Organic Traffic To My Turnkey Site To Make Sales?

Organic traffic is the free traffic that you get to a website when it ranks well on search engines like Google. However, here in lies the rub when it comes to getting a sex toy turnkey site. YOU are responsible for getting traffic to your site no matter what promises an adult turnkey company promises you with regard to things like submitting you to the search engines (which is just the tip of the iceberg and something you can do within seconds yourself). This means if you do not know how to get traffic to your site then you do not make sales and then you end up paying an adult white label site company money for something that is making you any.

The truth is that getting traffic to these sites is very difficult via organic traffic because the main search engines such as Google will often see these websites as duplicate content because they are essentially template sites that are similar to all the other customers that use them.

Are there ways to get organic traffic to these sites?

Yes! We can teach you how to do that and how to make your turnkey site stand out and feature unique content that will help it rank well. This depends on several factors and while it is not hard to do, it does require using a multifaceted approach rather than just depending on your website alone. It also depends on daily steps that you will need to take to build your rankings and we can teach you how to do it all.


What About Using Pay-per-click (PPC) or Cost-per-click (CPC) Advertising?

Many people think they will use pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising like Google AdWords and invest a little money on such advertising for their adult novelty turnkey site and then sit back while the money rolls in. This is a common mistake newbies make and they often learn the hard way after dumping hundreds of dollars or more into such programs that they simply do not work well.

Why? Because they are for highly competitive adult focused key terms, they cost a great deal of money and do not convert into sales well; particularly when selling sexual products. In fact they typically convert into less than 1% in sales. That means that out of every 100 people you pay to send to your website you will be lucky if you get 1 person to buy from you using that method. Our specialized educational services on adult focused search engine optimization (SEO), adult website marketing techniques and all the other inside industry knowledge we offer is essential for making it in this line of work.

Finding a reasonable way to advertise your business in unique niches that are cost effective and provide excellent conversion rates with loyal customers can be difficult to figure out especially in this field. We teach you proven ways to get FREE traffic to your site along with advertising options that actually work well. In addition to traffic to your sex toy site, we will also teach you HOW to advertise your company because a general ad or banner ad to your site is not going to convert sales well either. Trust us; we know how this industry works and how to advertise adult products whether it be though adult focused or mainstream resources.

Beyond SEO and advertising, we will teach you how to use social media marketing, blogs and even provide insights into the psychology of sexually focused marketing. Learn how to get your website traffic that not only converts into sales but how to create customer loyalty so that they come back to buy again and again from your very own sex toy store.



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