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Appointments & Fees
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Making An Appointment

When you are ready to make an appointment to learn how to enhance or start a sex toy business, you may do so by signing up through our services. We will contact you by email with available appointment times if you have ordered a consultation. Once your appointment is in place, we ask that should you have to cancel that you please give us as much notice as possible as we have other clients that we would then offer that time slot.

We have clients prepay for their appointments so that if research and networking is required to address specific questions or business needs, we can begin getting those in place for you before we meet with you for your consultation appointment.

We recommend starting with an hour as you would be surprised how much information is covered; however, you are welcome to choose any amount of time. If after your initial session you want shorter sessions of just 30 minutes for quick questions or to review information that can be arranged.

What Session Type Should You Choose?

That is completely up to you. We recommend those that are starting a sex toy business to book at least a 60 minute session as you will have a lot to cover. You may feel free to choose whatever amount of time you desire. However, please be aware that if you run out of time and all of your questions are not able to be addressed then you will have to set up another appointment. If that is the case, we may be able to extend your session if there is time available after it or fit you in within a few days depending on our appointment availability.




Lisa Lawless

Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., CEO
Founder of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS)


Why This Information Is So Valuable

You can actually get advice on how you can start or enhance your own sex toy company with a specialized niche. This is not an easy task in the guarded and highly competitive adult industry. Our adult business educational resources allow you to reduce competition and achieve incredible financial success without making the mistakes that most startups make (which typically make them lose money and inevitably go out of business or go bankrupt).

The bottom line is that there are no other resources like this for those wanting to get into the adult novelty industry, nor is there anywhere else where you will find the honest and unbiased insights that we will provide you with when it comes to what you need to know and the resources you need.

A consult with our company is in very high demand because we do not attempt to sell you anything, rather we refer you to valuable and reputable inside industry resources and get you prepared and educated to achieve success. Learning how the adult novelty industry works and how you can carve out a niche that is unique can make the difference between your failure and success.

We have helped many successful entrepreneurs in the industry, each with their own special focus, allowing them to have little competition and amazing results. If you are serious about starting or expanding your business in the adult novelty industry and do not want to waste your time or money on things that do not work, then this will be the most valuable investment that you can make for your business venture.


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