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Adult Consulting Services
Adult Business Consulting for Selling Sexual Products
Time-Based Consulting - Pay Only For What You Need

The adult novelty industry is highly competitive and can be overwhelming and complicated to navigate if you do not know the best and most reputable options. This is just one of many reasons why it is important to get educated with valuable resources, information and guidance to help you get what you really want.

Make sure to stay away from vague business consulting firms that offer prefabricated 'consulting packages' that do not fit your specific adult novelty industry needs or require huge minimum cost requirements. You can spend a great deal of time and money with little to show for it with such consulting programs, especially if they do not specialize in the retail sex toy business or are familiar with the adult industry.

We like to keep things simple for you and have you only pay for what you need. Simply fill out our online form letting us know what you would like to focus on and how much time you would like to pay for and we will set up an appointment for you. If you have questions about the services we provide feel free to ask as we are happy to assist you.

What is a Consultation Like?

Once you have a consultation appointment set up, we will contact you at the designated appointment time and will answer any questions that you have and help you to take the next steps toward your adult novelty business success.

Your consultation is a two way conversation and is in no way a formal presentation where you cannot interact. Rather, we want you to feel comfortable and know that you now have the support of people who care about your sexual health business vision. You can speak freely and we will be candid and truthful with you about what you really need to know and what you steps you can take to make this career path work.


Create An Online Store

We can help you find the best resources to create an online store; one stocked with products and that provides customer support for you and your consumers. Set your own prices, choose your own domain and more.

See Sample Store Here

We can also provide you with resources to arrange for straight drop shipping or even help you set up a store with inventory.





What is the number one concern of consumers who buy sex toys online?

Discreet Shipping


  • Once the consultation is over, we will email you with any resources that we discussed such as sex toy business contacts, website links and more. If you desire more time, you may simply request another appointment.

  • Please note that once you are a client, we will give you priority on appointments so that you do not have to wait extended amounts of time to speak with us again in case you have more information that you require quickly.

  • How much time will I need? See more about setting up appointment times.


Preparing for Your Consultation

We want you to get the most out of your time, so make sure you are prepared for your consultation time by doing the following-

  • Have specific questions ready.

  • Have a word document open or a notepad with pen ready so that you can take notes.

  • Have a quiet place where you can speak freely and concentrate on your session. Do not set up an appointment time when you have things that will distract you as it will only waste your time and money. We want you to succeed!

Manifesting Your Vision

The secret to success in anything that you do in life is to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. The best thing for you to do first is to think about what you want to accomplish and the questions that you have.

To get you started thinking about where you want to start, here are some questions for you to consider-

  • Have you thought through how your family and friends will respond if they know of your involvement in the field of sexuality? Are you prepared for the social stigma that can come with selling products and services that focus on sex?

  • Are you aware of how competitive the adult sex toy industry is? Are you ready to do the work it takes to succeed?

  • Are you familiar with the laws regarding the sales of sex toys and other adult materials in your state?

  • What type of sex toy store are you looking to start?
    (i.e.: Work From Home, Brick & Mortar, Internet Based, Turn Key, Affiliate, Home Party?)

  • If you are considering a sex toy party plan business do you intend to do that just on your own, with a partner and are you considering hiring party consultants / representatives?

  • If you are dropshipping or doing direct wholesale, have you decided if you be working with one or multiple distributors? If you are going to work with multiple distributors will you only be only carrying products they all carry or will you be breaking up orders into multiple shipments for highly specialized items?

  • What demographic do you want to appeal to?

  • Will you be presenting your sex toy store as a company image or with a 'face of the company' such as a sex expert that consumers may follow through articles, blogs and social media?

  • Do you want to carry only nontoxic sexual products?

  • Do you want to be have an ecofriendly store?

  • Do you want to fulfill your orders or do you want someone else to through a turnkey site or dropshipping?

  • Do you need a website? Do you want to learn to create one? Do you need to hire a web designer? Do you want to get a sex toy turnkey / white label site?

  • Do you want to sell sexual products beyond just adult toys?

  • Will you be providing sex and health educational resources?

  • Are you interested in selling adult DVDs and books? If so, what type- educational and/or adult entertainment (porn)?

  • Have you become educated about the shipping restrictions of certain sexual products from state to state and out of the country?

  • Will you be using customer relationship management (CRM) software so that you can develop strategies for your company's growth?

  • Are you interested in private labeling products and/or manufacturing your own sexual products?

  • Have you researched the companies that you wish to use for your merchant account, autoresponder and other third-party mainstream services and have you confirmed that they allow for adult businesses to use them? If not, do you need referrals to such companies?

  • Have you begun to explore the mainstream advertising options that you wish to use and do you know how to approach them when coming to them as an adult business?

  • Do you know the rules about adult trade shows if you wish to attend them with an understanding of which ones are consumer focused, which ones are for professionals only and which ones you would qualify to attend? Are you aware of what to avoid so that you do not get banned or blacklisted from adult trade shows?

  • Are you aware of the resources you will need to become educated about adult business trends as well as adult sexual education and sex toy and sexual product education and marketing?

Also, take a look around the internet to see what types of stores are similar to the one that you want to create. Better understanding of your competition helps you to understand what you can offer that is unique and what you will need to succeed.


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