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Receive Consulting & Guidance
Develop & Expand Your Sex Toy Business
Email, Phone & Video Services

Please note that you may always start with the sex toy business mini tutorial and then should you desire more information, order a specialized consultation that will explore specifics for your adult novelty business vision as well as take advantage of our Entrepreneurial Coaching Program. Conference calling for groups are also available.

Personal Consulting with Dr. Lawless-

Time-Based Consulting Pay Only For What You Need

Personal consultations involve Dr. Lawless reviewing your specific business vision with you and providing you with a personalized plan to create a unique niche and sale conversions.

Please review this site to review all the information that can be addressed through these consultations then just simply order a consultation below and we will contact you with appointment times available.

Lisa Lawless

Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., CEO

Founder of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & the National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS)

What Happens Once I Order?

You will be contacted via email within 24 hours of placing your order to set up your appointment. Dr. Lawless is quite flexible in working with people's schedules and evenings and weekends are available. We will provide you with instructions on how to call or video chat with Dr. Lawless and we will ask for your questions in advance via email so that we know what you would like to focus on during your appointment time and so that any research needed prior to it can be performed.

All sessions include a one hour personal meeting as well as any research prior to your session to specifically create specialized strategies for your business. In addition, we will follow up with you providing any related written instructions and resources that were addressed in your consultation via email after your session.

Also see: What is a consultation like and what types of questions should I ask?


Extra Bonus-
Mini Tutorial & Distributor List Free!

For a limited time when you book both a Beginner and Advanced consultation together you will also get the Mini Tutorial and Adult Novelty Distributor Directory For FREE!


* Disregard any shipping selections during checkout as these consults are provided through phone or video conferencing (i.e. Skype).

Get Educated - Get Empowered - Get Ready... Go!

One Hour Consultation

Access: $75.00



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