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Sex Toy Party Companies
How To Start A Sex Toy Party Company
Learn How They Work

If you want to make money starting an independent adult home pleasure party business, this is a must read article. There are pros and cons to managing your own business versus working for one that is already established so it will be important for you to seriously consider what is right for you by getting educated before you dive in.

Should you decide that having your own home pleasure party plan is ideal for you we can provide you with professional resources, teach you how to create starter kits, review how to hire representatives and assist you in creating the structure your company will need to achieve success. We are here to educate and empower you to do this on your own terms and allow you to achieve better profits than working for someone else.

Be Your Own Boss & Make More Money

Many aspiring, independent pleasure party company owners would rather have their work be rewarded with financial success on their own terms by earning more money and profits by using direct adult novelty wholesale options. The problem is that most people do not know how to start and that is where our easy tutorials and consultations come in... we teach you how to do it.

However, it is a really good idea for you to honestly ask yourself if you have the self-discipline you will need and if you are ready to create the structure of your own company. What it comes down to asking yourself if you are an entrepreneurial type of person, so here are some traits of a successful entrepreneur to consider-

  • Are you are able to manage your time well?

  • Are you comfortable and effectively able to delegate tasks?

  • Are you able to clearly visualize goals and if so are you specific about how you will achieve them and willing and able to follow through?

  • Are you good at listening and communication?

  • Do you understand that your time is valuable and a commodity?

  • Are you easily able to ask for help and are you willing to seek it?

  • Are you humble enough to look critically at your work so that you can grow and improve?

  • Are you good at creating structure, policies and routines?

  • Do you have confidence that comes from self-awareness?

  • Do inspire creativity?

  • Are you able to manage money well?

  • Are you willing to project a positive business image even under stress?

  • Do you have the people-skills and discipline to create a top-notch business team and provide them with the support they need?

  • Are you willing to become an expert at what you do?

  • Do you understand the power of a good reputation and what it takes to protect it?


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Understanding the Basics

Most people do not know how sex toy party companies really work, so we are going to give you some insights to help get you thinking about what it entails. Beyond exploring what you want your niche to be, marketing plans and creating a general adult novelty business plan you are also going to need to develop some basic components of your business such as developing starter kits. Starter kits are sets of sexual products like vibrators, dildos and lubricants that you have selected to give you and/or your representatives' items to show off and sell to your customers.

You will want to choose products that range in price, offer a variety of different sexual pleasure and health options, are well made and are nontoxic. You will need to determine how the products will be presented, how much you will need to charge your representatives for the products and how much you will ultimately charge consumers.

If you have a website it is important to keep in mind that you cannot have a site that offers prices lower than what your reps are selling your company's products for as this will undercut them and keep them from making a fair commission. You may also want consider how to provide them with affiliate or turn-key websites so they get credit for sales online that they bring to your company. Understanding your profit margins is an important basic and is quite different for party plan companies than it is for sex toy retailers that do not have representatives.

If you are just starting out, you will most likely need to research and decide what adult novelty distributor(s) you are going to use or consider doing private labeling for your own sex toy line. The more money you have to spend, the more options you will have from buying in bulk for deeper discounts, buying directly from established brands, creating your own brand or even developing your own sex toy line.

Choose What You Want To Sell

There are a vast amount of sex toys on the market today so the choices of what you want to sell will be expansive. You may want to choose one niche or you can give a variety of different themed parties and choose how you want to market each of them. For example, if you want to show off ecofriendly, nontoxic sex toys you could select rechargeable, glass, wood and even 100% medical grade silicone sex toys. Display them with glycerin and paraben free organic lubricants that will dazzle your customers. You can do a variety of themes such as bachelorette, LGBT+, spa, BDSM, swingers and even couples parties to name a few.

Through our educational resources we will help educate you on how to choose the best and most profitable themes for your business vision as well as how to choose your inventory and how much to get. You are in control of all the choices and the possibilities are endless as are your profits.

Private Labeling

In cases of larger, more financially established or well-funded sex toy party companies the best option is to do private labeling as it allows for better margins. You can choose from a few different options-

  • You can contact an established corporate sex toy manufacturer to private label their pre-existing products which allows you to sell it as your own brand by having your company name and images on the products and packaging.

  • A second option is to go direct to the manufacturers' overseas (typically based in China) and have them create a private label brand for you by choosing from pre-made designs and have them imported into the USA by hiring a reputable customs broker.

  • You can also opt to design your own sex toys, hire a company that will create schematics of your products using CAD (computer-aided design) software which is used by engineers and drafters to create technical illustrations so that you can then approach manufacturers and have them create a truly unique brand.

Be Educated & Empowered

There is a great deal of information required to be ready and educated on how to start your own sex toy party company. You will need to do things such as create a party presentation guideline to follow for you and your representatives, understand how to properly provide sex education, follow sexual product trends, use technological changes and norms in marketing to your advantage and those things are just the tip of the iceberg!

Of course there are also legal issues to be on top of both locally and anywhere you ship. For example, did you know that there are laws about selling sex toys in certain states? Did you know that by giving sexual health advice you could be accused of practicing medicine without a license? You need to be educated about this business as there are a lot of mistakes you can make and the best way to avoid trouble is not to get into it in the first place.

We will also help you network with the right companies for your business. After all, do you know which distributors will treat you and your customers well? Did you know many of them can offer you discounts the more you order and can price match? Do you know how to negotiate with them or know how to get promotional materials shipped with your orders? Let us teach you everything you need to know to help you become successful.



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